Our trips are private and offer complimentary open bar!


$80  per person - HALF-DAY TRIP W/ SNORKEL STOP
$80  per person - SUNSET SAIL
$150 per person - FULL DAY U.S. TRIP W/ LUNCH + two SNORKEL STOPS
$150 per person - FULL DAY British Virgin islands
maximum capacity 12 passengers
passports + customs fee REQUIRED for all trips to British Virgin Islands

full day
$1000 for up to 6 people - over 6 people $150/per person
half day $500 up to 6 people - over 6 people is $80/per person


The Caribbean waters surrounding St. John, US Virgin Islands have often been described as a snorkeler's paradise. An unusual shallow depth of only 20-30 feet and crystal clear water, you will soon find out why the water and reef system are a National Monument. Our half and full day snorkeling trips take you to the places off the beaten path that are not easily accessible on island from the beaches of St. John. During our trips we have encountered many sea turtles, octopus, sea stars, parrot fish and occasionally even dolphins and whales!